Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Undead – Spierig Brothers (2003)

Maybe you have read our interview with Duke Hendrix, maybe you haven’t. If you have, then you must have seen that we talked about Undead, another movie from Down Under (One Aussie commentor in IMDB says that he/she is ashamed that this movie was produced in Australia and begs people from other countries to believe that the people in the movie definitely do not represent Australians). Spierig brothers, with this movie, are carrying the torch once held by Sam Raimi and then Peter Jackson. With quite a low budget (of course not as low as that of The Killbillies) they were able to make a gory zombie movie... With aliens. The ever-peaceful fishing town, Berkeley is disturbed by a strange a meteor rain, due to which people start to turn into zombies. The local looney, Marion apparently knows something about these zombies, because he is well prepared, complete with a triple rifle he prepared for such occasions as zombie invasions (we later learn that, in the past he was attacked by some zombie fish and abducted by aliens). He tells other survivors that the aliens are trying to take over the planet, using zombies. The protagonists, the beauty pageant queen of the town, a couple (the wife is pregnant), all -irritating and all-cursing sheriff and his female deputy, along with Marion tries to escape and reveal the secret behind these events. The blue filter that Spierig brothers used creates a suitable atmosphere for the movie. The FX are nicely done and there are some pretty good action scenes, too. The film, not taking itself very seriously like the best examples of this genre, guarantees constant fun. Good party movie.

From Sonic Splendour # 4

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